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A. Pre-reading Questions
     1. Robots can help people to do a job everyday in outdoor and indoor.
     2. It could make human beings to be lazy and careless.

B. Reading
  Paragraph 1 : Bill Gates, who made his career in personal computers, believe that the age of home robots has arrived.
  Paragraph 2 : Second, cameras, GPS, and voice recognition software enable robots to react to the world arround them.
  Paragraph 3 : They will protect us from dangerous people who may try to force their way into our homes.

C. Identyfying Topic and Main Idea
    1. C.Robots in the home
    2. A.Robots will improve our lives in many ways

E. Identyfying Opinions
    All technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines than ever.
List of jobs if robots to do in the future:
1. Airline pilot. We don't agree, because the robots can endanger the safety of passenger. If robots have demage of a sudden, then the plane cna out of control and had an accident.
2. Cook. We don't agree, because if robots cook something have not a characteristic of its own of cooking. When we try the dish, we can't feel a variant of it.
3. Doctor. We don't agree, because we were afraid something goes wrong in giving treatment. So it could result in death rates high.
4. Police officer. We agree, because robots don't have any feelings to choose the wrong and that's right. So, violators will still get a penalty.
5. Singer. We don't agree, because this is no appreciation in a sing song. So, the audience not be able to enjoy the meaning of the song.
6. Store clerk. We agree, because if a robot to the shoopkeeper, stores will be safer. The robot will also be honest in dealing with finance.
7. Taxi driver. We don't agree, because if robot in to the taxi driver, there won't be a devate between a driver and pessengers. It always agree on where pessenger want.
8. Teacher. We don't agree, because if robot to be a teacher, there is no interaction between teacher and student. It has caused a lack of attention to the student.


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