Senin, 19 Juni 2017

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Hani : Hi.......
Annisa : Hi.......
Hani : What are you doing?
Annisa : I'm fantasizing if I have a robot 
Hani : Hahaha what the robot do you want?
Annisa : The robot than can cook delicius food in quick time
Hani : Wow,, how the shape of the robot
Annisa : The robot have four hands, who can cook, making the seasoning, slicing, and wash the dishes in the same time
Hani : That was really amazing
Annisa : Yeah, and I'm gonna sell it at electronic store
Hani : How much are you gonna give it to the robot?
Annisa : This is roughly equivalent to about 50 million 
Hani : Haha are so damned expensive. What's the name of a robot that will sell it?
Annisa :I could call the RC
Hani : What is RC
Annisa : RC is Robot Cooking hahaha
Hani : Hmm it's a beautiful name
Annisa : Do you want to buy it with me?
Hani : No, thank you, because I'd like my mother cooking
Annisa : It's okay. All right
Hani : Okay, now I want to go home
Annisa : All right, be carefull on the road
Hani : Okay,, bye
Annisa : Bye

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