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My Speech

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"Youth for the Future of Indonesia"
Ladies, gentlemen, and friends that I love,
Youth is a figure that always brings alterations. Alteration in life order of some era is quite influenced by the role of youths. In 1982, youths gathered altogether and then took the pledge in order to tighten the unity of Indonesia. This pledge was known as Youth Pledge. All youths from all over Indonesia from various ethnics, cultures, languages, and regions strove for retaking the independence of nation altogether.
Who doesn’t know Mr. Soekarno, our first president of Indonesia? Nobody doubted him in each of his speech to encourage the youths in maintaining the independence of Indonesia. The long journey of Indonesia to the national independence shows us how great the influence was regarding our nation’s life. And then as the youth Muslim generation, what have we contributed to society, nation, religion, and especially our own selves? Have we given any alteration?
A Muslim youth should go on with positive alterations day after day in his or her life. How a loss if a Muslim youth is seen to be worse than yesterday. The success of a youth in dealing with a number of life handicaps along with the good alterations will be the basic in how he or she brings alterations to his or her surroundings and those that are bigger than that.
To all of my companions that I proud of, Dr. Yusuf Qardhawi said that there are three things that underlie a youth as a foundation of alteration;
1.   Youths come with brilliant brain
2.   Youths have strong physicals
3.   Youths behave objectively
Ladies, gentlemen, and all the companions blessed by Allah. It’s about the time for Muslim youths to rise up for creating alterations in every line of life and keeping as well as maintaining the self-image of Islam. Moreover, Islam has been being besieged from all over the directions. We need to increase our knowledge about Islam by reading various books. Not only Islamic books but also those books whose contents sometimes offense the world of Islam. Thus, youth generations can have the provisions to become the agents of alteration.
Make our youth as the time that’s full of benefits and all the good things before the coming of old age, when all of our spirits would fade away. What are we waiting for, if we can do the alteration now? Use our youth times to become the part of Islam’s awakening history in Indonesia.
That’s all I could say. I wish we can meet again someday. Please forgive me for the mistakes on my words. Thanks for the attention.
Wassalamu’alaikum. Wr.wb 

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