Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

My Bestfriend

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My Bestfriend

     My name is Annisa. I am nineteen years old. My hobby is singing and I don’t have any special interest at something. I am not good at singing but I love to do it. I always do it when I am alone. I’m not really like studying and reading books. I know that’s important to support my score at school but I have another point of view. For me, studying is not always about reading and doing exercise. Studying is listening to my bestfriend’s story about the subject that she has already read about. She loves reading a lot. She provides me knowledge by listening to her story. She packs the lessons into some interesting stories. I think she has a talent to be a great teacher.

     She doesn’t like to be exposed that she has great talent in packing a lesson into story. I keep that secret from the others. I am afraid if tell it to someone else, she will get angry and doesn’t want to help me anymore. However, I ever did that. I tell it to my teacher and my teacher said it in front of my classmates. You know what happened? She couldn’t get angry with me. Hmm, she was angry but a little. She didn’t want to talk to me for 5 minutes. She is very kind. That’s why she never let me down even though I often make her angry. This is what me love her so much, and I think I would not be happy without my bestfriends.

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