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My Skill 
My full name is Annisa Furqonita. But everyone call me with Icha. Since I was baby my family call me with icha until my neighborhood also call me icha. And when I was begin school from kindergarten and from that also my friend call me with icha although my full name is annisa. I was born in 16th of may 1998. I was born in pontianak at jeruju hospital. Until now I often pass and look that hospital. And if I pass it with my family they call its my hospitak because I was born there. Hahaha it’s a nice joke I thing. But in my big family just me was born in that hospital. But there my sister and two of my cousin born in the same hospital but there’s no same with me in my big family.
I am a first child. I have a little sister when I was in 6th grade in elementary school. I’ve one little sister and she is sometime so annoyed although sometime she kind. But we often go anywhere together. She is now in senior high school first grade. She just graduated her junior school this year.
Since I was in elementary school i took english course until i major from senior high school. I am very like english language. And when i was in junior high school and senior high school my friend call me with a dictionary which can walk. Hahaha its so funny when everybody in school call me like that. But I like them call me with it, but I never feel angry with them call me like that. And after I major the senior high school i want take english language in my collage. Till I follow the way with name PMDK to get the university. And I get it but my father prohibit it. He ask me too collage in accounting not in english language. And I approve his ask. And now I’ve been in 6th semester and ofcourse in accounting. But I always try to enjoy my accounting. Because I know from begin enjoying this I can like accounting.
And insya Allah I have one year again to finish my collage. And I am sure after I major the accounting I can get the best work. Why? Because I am sure when people have pray and try harder to get their dream people ofcourse people can get it. I always have dream I work in Bank Indonesia. That’s my big dream to make my parents proud of me. Although I know to get it its so hard its like find needle in a haystack. But everyone must have a big dream although hard to get it.
And if I will major my college next year my sister still in senior high school. She have dream be a doctor. And I also know what her effort until now. She always study seriously. I and my little sister ar have a same dream it is to make our parents happy and proud with us. Me and my family have a good relation. All of us very near one and the other. We often spend our holiday time. And my father have rule if he get holiday me and my sister can’t go anywhere, we just stay at home or go to somewhere together.  
Yes this is story of my life. All about me. All of about my education and my family. Im just try to enjoy my life. Enjoy with everyting I do so that live look so easy and beautiful. Although the real life not easy to way it.

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