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 About Me

       Good morning friends! My name is Annisa Furqonita. Here I’m going to introduce my self. I was born on sixteenth May 1998 and grown up in Sekadau. I’m studying as first year student in Faculty of Math and Science in this prestigious college, Tanjungpura University. As for my family, I have one brothers while I am the oldest among them. My father is a civil servants in the Department of Education in my city while my mother is a teacher in primary school. I am a friendly and enthusiastic person, honest and flexible to work in anytime. I can work for long time without any taking rest, only if I’m interested in what I am doing. My life philosophy is very simple. If they kind to me, I will be kind to them. 
       I’m interested in so many things such as traveling, listening to music, reading book especially novel, and watching movies. My other hobby is having conversation with my friends. I want to improve my English skills in this college and I’m glad to be here. 
      At first, it takes a long time for me to study English Language. It is very difficult and requires a tremendous amount of patience and hard work to study English Language. I hope that I’ll be able to face these challenges, and hopefully my dream will come true. 
I’m personally interested in becoming an researchers and scientists. However, I should be more realistic and I don’t want to push myself too hard because there are so many different career opportunities available outside there. I believe that looking for a job should be like looking for hobby. 
       As for now I’m only focusing my attention on my study. I’m being confidence myself, dreams and goals that I want to achieve. So this is ‘Me’ standing in front of all of you.. 
Thank you...

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