Jumat, 26 Mei 2017

''Crazy weekend''

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Dear diary........


''Crazy weekend''
31st March was a really interesting day. In the morning after I had woken up I heard some noise. I couldn’t now imagine what sound it was but I’m sure it wasn’t normal. There were many things which could happen. Suddenly a horrible noise was near me. In my mind there was only one thing "what will be if this terrible noise means this is a ghost!?”. I had many thoughts and I felt lonely. I considered there must be somebody from my family. 
After that I heard some other bad sound and it was something like steps of my grandfather in slipperes. All at once in the door of my room appered a big figure with something weird in hands. Fortunately, it was my brother with a tray and on that tray there was a big plate with a soft-boiled egg and with a crunchy roll. The noise which I had heard was thanks to my brother because he had been peeling an egg for me. The eggshell made that bad noise, can you imagine it? I was laughting all the time. My brother wanted to be nice and he was but I was terrified unnecessarily.

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